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With a catalogue of around 300 works, Bottesini's catalogue is simply too large to be tackled by one person alone. Producing four editions a year would mean it would take roughly 75 years to bring his catalogue back into circulation.

By developing a community, 'many hands make light work'; in turn benefiting the whole music community with a wealth of music. Bottesini has many un-premiered works waiting to be discovered.

If you think you can help, volunteering/help is needed in these areas:

  • Italian and English speaking persons to help translate resources into english - allowing bottesini to be researched and studied worldwide

  • Digitisation into Sibelius of manuscripts - so that lost works can be premiered and protected for generations to come

  • Funding to pay for library fees/production fees/international library loan fees/legal fees

  • Legal help negotiating with libraries


Please contact:

All help, no matter how big or small, is greatly received and greatly appreceiated, thank you!

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