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The Bottesini Urtext® is a long term community focused project created by Stephen Street. Officially launching 2021 (Bottesini's bi-centenary), the long-term project aims to republish the vast catalogue of Giovanni Bottesini through community efforts.

The ethos of the project is to make Bottesini's music available again for all. Through republication the Bottesini Urtext® hopes to preserve manuscripts through digitisation and republication. Although the idea behind the project has been forming over the last decade, to celebrate Bottesini's 200th birthday the Bottesini Urtext® has been launched. The project Aims to give back to the music community a wealth of lost resources, forgotten music and translation of related materials giving the chance for everyone to study worldwide his life and times.

The aim of the Bottesini Urtext editions are to give a neutral starting point for your interpretation of his music and to give context to modern performance editions. The ambition of the urtext is to compliment modern editions so that the performer can see what changes have been made and why they have differed from Bottesini's original markings.

Similarly this website is aimed to bring resources into one central location making access to information easier. A springboard to your studies.

Bottesini's music brought people together all over the world in his lifetime, 2021 onwards is a perfect opportunity to continue this legacy.

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